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ヴィンランド・サガ Season 1 Episode 12 : The Land on the Far Bank
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Title:Vinland Saga
Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Drama
Air Date: 2019-09-29
Season Number: 1
Episodes Number: 12
Overview: Askeladd and his men continue their march to escape from Thorkell. However, their march comes to a halt at the Severn River. Askeladd hands a letter to an old man operating a ferry across the river and tells him to deliver the letter to the other side immediately. As soon as he hears the addressee’s name, the old man sets off in his boat.
Stars: Yuuto Uemura (Thorfinn (teenager) (voice)), , Naoya Uchida (Askeladd (voice)), , Ao Takahashi (Helga (voice)), , Akio Otsuka (Thorkell (voice)), , Atsushi Ono (Floki (voice)), , Hiroki Goto (Torgrim (voice)), , Hiroki Yasumoto (Bjorn (voice)), , Hitomi Nabatame (Ylva (voice)), , Jin Urayama (Ragnar (voice)), , Kenshō Ono (Canute (voice)), , Makoto Furukawa (The Ear (voice)), , Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Ari (voice)), , Satoshi Hino (Willibald (voice)), , Shinya Takahashi (Atli (voice)), , Takayuki Sugo (Sweyn (voice)), , Youji Ueda (Leif Ericson (voice)),